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Studdy Book Plates and Illustrations

This is a list of books for which Studdy provided in-text illustrations and plates and in some cases the stories themselves. Dates of publication are given where known.

The Joy Book Childrens Annual 1922
Cover: Harold
'One in the Eye for
Mister Monkey'
'Netty's Arrival in
The Joy Book Children's Annual 1922

Cover: George Studdy 'The Laughing Magician'
Illustrated by Studdy
The Joy Book Children's Annual 1923

Cover: ? "Why did they call
me Rose?"
The Jolly Book

Jolly Book Annual 1922
Cover by Earnshaw 'The Toss' 'The Puncture' 'The Burglars Doom' 'Tiger, tiger'
The Jolly Book

Our Scouts, approx 1919
Publ. approx 1919 'The Officers Mess'
Our Scouts

The 'Officers Mess' also appeared in The Windsor Magazine, Jan 1915

Scout Pie Lost!
Publ. Arthur Pearson 'Lost!'
Scout Pie

Cover: Harold
"I'm getting an idea"
said the baby hippo!
'Bushy-Tail Gets Lost'
illustrated by Studdy
'A Prickly Prisoner'
Illustrated by Studdy
Once Upon a Time Annual

The Girl Guide's Book
(approx 1924)

Stock Exchange Christmas Annual 1925/6
'Crackers' 'Havoc'
The Stock Exchange Christmas Annual

'A Rude Shock for Bonzo'
The Stock Exchange Christmas Annual

Published by Ward Lock 'Who Put the Pepper
in the Cat's Dish?'
My Favourite Picture Book

Published approx 1927 "One for the Grand Typhoon -
with Bonzo's love?"
The Froth Blowers Annual

Although The Sketch series is probably one of the most recognised outlets for Studdy's magazine work many of his illustrations found a regular audience in other magazines. The Christmas release of the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News was known as Holly Leaves and this would often carry Studdy illustrations - in many of these Christmas Numbers there were several examples of his work . . . .

Studdy produced many strip cartoons from a time long before Bonzo right up to the 1930's and these includes cartoons of both Bonzo and, later, Ooloo. Many of these were syndicated to US newspapers and appeared in the comic sections of several of them:

Ooloo cartoon strip in the Humorist, 1930
The Humorist April 1930

In the mid-1930's Studdy made another departure from his usual cat and dog cartoons, returning once again to his human comic charaters. A new monthly magazine for children called "Mine - a magazine for all who are young" had it's inaugural issue in April 1935 and Studdy made regular contributions through a new character called 'The Kid Prince'. This series took the form of a colour strip cartoon and lasted for the first nine issues of the magazine . . . .

Mine, April 1935 Mine, May 1935
Issue 1, April 1935 Issue 2, May 1935
Mine ,June 1935 Mine, July 1935
Issue 3, June 1935 Issue 4, July 1935
Mine, August 1935 Mine, September 1935
Issue 5, August 1935 Issue 6, September 1935
Mine, October 1935 Mine, November 1935
Issue 7, October 1935 Issue 8, November 1935
Mine, December 1935 Mine, April 1935 - Incredible Beasties
Issue 9, December 1935 Incredible Beasties No. 1 - The Jogger (April 1935)

The idea that Studdy had left behind his comic animals though was a short one. The same magazine spawned another series called 'Incredible Beasties' where Studdy wrote a short story and produced new cartoons of weird and wonderful creatures with names like The Jogger (see above) and Woosh! The author was accredited as G.E. Studdy (of "Bonzo" fame) - as if anyone could forget!

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